Welcome to Designer Soils®! This is your source for nature's finest professional grow mixes for greenhouses and professional growers. Also available are various retail products such as garden mixes, soil enhancement products, high quality composts, liquid nutrition products and landscape products. We provide the highest quality plant care and landscape solutions that work the way Mother Nature intended. Put our years of experience growing plants to work for you. Through the use of our products, you will increase the overall health and yield of your plants through improved soil profiles, increased nutrition, water retention, and root structure.

Retail Products

For a wide range of consumer products, please browse our garden mixes, soil conditioners, and organic compost products for all your growing needs. We also provide a range of liquid fertilizer products with slow release nitrogen and potassium as well as products of Humic and Fulvic acid and beneficial microbes.

Professional Products

For the professional grower, we offer a wide range of professional soil products. Using only the finest Canadian Spaghnum Peat and/or Coconut Coir, aged and nitrogen-stable bark, and nutrition components, these grow mixes offer the best growing environments for your seeds, plugs, hanging baskets, perennials, poinsettias or whatever you may be growing. Also offered are high quality liquid nutrition (fertigation) products for your greenhouse nutrition needs.

Our commitment to you and your project.

Whether you are planting a flower bed in your yard or working on your a garden, consider our soil products to make the job easier. We use on the best components. At the core of many of our products is our aged bark humus. This is a very old bark that is nitrogen stable, has high water retention properties and a very good pH for the high salt soils found in the west and southwest. As far as composts, we are serious about true, mature compost. Our organic mushroom and poultry composts are second to none. One of our premier products is our Garden Mix. This product contains in addition to our mushroom compost (composted spent mushroom substrate) a cocunut coir that adds significant water retention. We also add a beneficial microbe package to bring these microbes to your soils that will enhance root development and healthy plants.

If you are a professional grower, we offer only the highest quality growing soils with great nutrients and a long lasting wetting agent. We offer competitive products at competitive prices and are dedicated about consistency so you can count on each bag being the same as the last one!

Only the best ingredients and only the best products. That is our commitment to you.

  • September 20, 2010 2011 Catalogs for Professional Growers and Retail Nurseries are complete!

    For our professional products we now add beneficial microbes to all our products. This BMI-1 includes mycorrhizea, bacillus and other microbes. We have also added a few new growing mixes based upon customer demand.

    For our retail nursery partners, we have added a number of new products to our line up. We have two new potting soils that include ingredients like worm castings, bat guano, coconut coir, peat moss, BMI-1 and other ingredients. We have added several supplement products that are available in 4 quart bags and 1 cubic foot boxes. These supplements include the following: worm castings, bat guano, diatomaceous earth, lava cinders, expanded shale, and enhanced minerals. In our liquid fertilizers we now offer a wide range of 1 quart bottles and 2.5 gallon containers. New products include the following: liquid worm castings, sea kelp, humic/fulvic acid, a microbe booster product made from composted food waste, slow release nitrogen products, potassium products and others.

    Please check out these and our other exciting products for all your growing needs.
  • August 23, 2010Designer Soils® products now available through our Early Order and May Pay program. This program allows our customers early order and delivery with delayed billing for our products until after Mother's Day, 2011. Please contact us for details.

    Also available for Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Western Colorado and some other areas, we offer our Consignment Program. If you are a retail nursery and are willing to try a partnership with us, offering our products in your retail center we will partner with you so that you only pay for what you sell when we you sell it. Some early ordering requirements and delivery restrictions apply. Please contact us for details.
  • March 1, 2010Designer Soils® now available to local retail nurseries in several states, including: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho. Through various distribution partners, local retail nurseries and greenhouse growers can now get their products from local suppliers in these areas. For information on distribution partners in your area please let us know or see our Where to Buy link.
  • October 11, 2009Designer Soils® brand has been extended to include liquid fertilizers; specialty and organic products. Products include, among others, Balance™, which is a 9-6-8, 33% slow release nitrogen product with included micronutrient package. Also offered is BMI-1™, a beneficial microbe liquid with mycorrhizea, bacillus, et al, and a Humic/Fulvic acid liquid product.

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